Monday, September 28, 2009

CeLeBraTiNg 4TH MOnTh bDaY At HoSpITaL

Posted by I am Nad at 11:06 AM


I guess this is why i'm not really enjoying my raya..huhuu.. i got fever on the 2nd of Raya. and sadlly being admitted to Hospital SlimRiver for 4 days.. look at my picture..

this is the prove.. see my name there!

sleeping silently in the bed...

as usual ibu will bubuk me till i sleep

though i'm sick, ibu still make sure i look tidy..cutting my finggernails!

from ibu: maira..when u are sick,i can't even close my eyes for a second. ibu take a really good care of you. every second i will check ur temperature..make sure that u r not over heated. that because i love u so much n will always love you with all my heart. im not begging for you wealthiness when u grow up.. just ur kindness to take care ibu n daddy just like what we've done for u sayang...




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