Sunday, November 8, 2009

GoInG bAcK 2 tAnGkAk wIth ibU

Posted by I am Nad at 2:22 PM
This week me n ibu r going back 2 tangkak. i promise to behave my self.. be4 start the journey, ibu snap some picture of me with my car seat..

get ready with my fav. toy... yellow aeroplane!

stil grabbing theaeroplane...

when r we going to move?!

nak jln pon amek2 gambarla ibu ni...hehee

like promise b4, umairah really behaving her self. she didn't cry at all. only once when i'm stoping my car at RnR seremban. she knew that ibu going to feed her milk. heheee. so the journey about 3 hours are smooth n enjoyable.. mane xenjoy..anak dara ni terjerit2 sepanjang pjalanan.. mcm nyanyi lagu BALIK KAMPUNG!! ibu xbuka radio pun..

so sape kate xley drive long distance dgn baby.. we did it!! right maira??heheee




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